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Lew Seiler '60

May 2024

I am a guest service representative at Churchill Downs for the Derby. I have done this for 22 years on a seasonal basis, and have hopes of another part time volunteer job at Kentucky Refugee Ministries, where I would be involved with emigres. This year I have been in Vietnam and Cambodia on a tour with a wonderful company named World Explore, which I would highly recommend, both tour and company, my usual trips are just a little above haphazard when I find myself arriving at the train station, airport not having much of an idea of my next move. However, this tour was well organized and far above the level of my previous trips. My other endeavor is my continuing quest to learn Spanish, but my progress has been minimal. Zoom is all right but not as satisfactory as the classroom experience. If your travels ever bring you to Louisville, please let me know.


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