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Marc Zarbin '74


Dr. Marco Zarbin writes that he, wife Susan, Nicolas (17), Francesca (15), and Isabel (15) are doing fine in Chatham, New Jersey. There's been a surge in clinical and surgical volume that coincides with the maturation of the vaccination program, so his work has been busy. His children are mostly in school with occasional Zoom classes when COVID outbreaks arise. He is hoping to be able to take a family summer vacation out of state!


Marc Zarbin reports that his wife, Susan, Nicolas (16), Francesca (14), Isabel (14), and he are well in New Jersey. One great benefit of the lockdown is that they are spending more time together as a family, and fortunately, they all get along! So the time together is precious. The hospital where Marco is chief of ophthalmology was the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic for the state, and he notes at one point, ~75 percent of the inpatients either had COVID-19 or were suspected of having it. University Hospital is a level I trauma center, so Marco and staff have continued to see patients and do emergency surgery throughout the lockdown. He sees that reorganizing processes at the hospital will allow performance at a higher level as a result of the epidemic-induced logistical changes, which ensure a safe environment for patients, staff, and physicians. Marco admits that to help keep his family safe, Susan makes him disrobe when he arrives home from work so that his clothes can be washed and then dried at high heat promptly! The increased risks associated with surgical practice have made him appreciate how fortunate we all are to have good health and this time together.

reported by David Seiler '74


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