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Mark Kaufman '83


Mark Kaufman let us know that he’s “living in Baltimore and running a nonprofit investment fund that targets disinvested parts of Baltimore City. Looking for opportunities to bring jobs and development to communities that have not seen them. If you see opportunities, let us know —”


In case you hadn’t heard the news about Mark Kaufman, Baltimore City recently created a $51.7 million Neighborhood Impact Investment Fund (NIIF). According to the press release, “It’s a new public-private nonprofit partnership designed to spark investment in and spread economic opportunity to neighborhoods struggling to overcome decades of disinvestment.

Mark Kaufman, a former Maryland Banking Commissioner and a former U.S. Department of Treasury official in the Obama Administration with experience in community development banking, was named president and CEO.” Don’t forget your old friends, Mark. He is “now home with family in Guilford and commencing cocktails earlier in the day in honor of COVID! Our daughter Caroline is graduating from Tufts — remotely!” Just as COVID-19 hit, I saw Mark at R House. I reached out to my elbow to say hello. Elbow bumps are now passé. I think Mark was the last human I touched beyond my family.

reported by Andrew Buerger '83


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