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Max Curran '83


My wife, Jennifer, and I are empty nesters living here in Baltimore (just a few blocks away from Gilman). Both of our daughters are doing very well in college. Maeve, who turns 22 this year, is finishing up her studies in fine art at the Corcoran School in George Washington University. Dacey just turned 20. She’s a professional music major and a sophomore at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. I’m still plugging away as an energy lawyer and a partner at Venable here in Baltimore. Unfortunately, I got a little carried away with my COVID-19 exercise regimen back in January and broke my right femur during a bike accident near Hopkins (caused by my reckless need for speed). I’m doing well with physical therapy and should reemerge with the rest of the country after we are all vaccinated.


Max Curran says, “both daughters are home with Jennifer and me during the COVID-19 crisis. Our daughter Maeve finished her junior year as a fine arts major at George Washington University. She turns 21 this Friday (May 15th.) Our daughter Dacey (19 years old) is in her first year at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Dacey is a professional music (singer) and songwriting major. Unlike their father, both girls are straight-A students.” Yes Maximus, but were they the eighth grade decathlon champions like you were?!

reported by Andrew Buerger '83


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