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Michael Jeffrey '82


Due to distance and general cussedness, I have no gossip. There are no specific milestones or events to report, as I suspect is likely the case with most of us at this age. But I have got kids making credible imitations of deadpan drummers (14 years old), auto-didact philosophy tutors/tattoo artists (16 years old), and unemployed video gamers who say they are going to get a job in the mines any day now (19 years old, and apparently unintimidated by 50 degrees Celsius in full safety gear. A couple of years of that, and I bet he scurries back to university!) I have quit writing my second novel in disgust or ennui several times, and occasionally pump out some music recordings and nutritional meals for the family. Since the Francis Scott Key bridge fell down, I now occasionally get Aussies asking about something other than The Wire when they hear where I am from.


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