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Michael Stanton '66


Michael Stanton reports exciting family news. His older daughter, Abby, gave birth in February to daughter Rory, making Michael and Maureen first-time grandparents! Younger daughter, Brenna, has been able to reschedule her COVID-delayed marriage to Dough Frederickson for October in San Francisco, much to the delight of the entire Stanton family. Mike reports that his architectural work is doing well, despite the slowdown in hotel design projects, one of his firm’s specialties. He continues to greatly enjoy his work, claiming to have no plans to retire, and hoping that he and Maureen can continue to travel extensively. For example, a trip to Chile last Thanksgiving was followed in April by an excursion to Spain. This summer, they will return to their beloved cabin in Ely, Minnesota, where Mike will combine virtual architectural work with a healthy dose of canoeing, fishing and relaxation, as well a re-build of his cottage workshop.

reported by Rick Buck '66


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