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Mike Austin '76


First: peace, blessings, and God's grace to the best classmates from Gilman. Love you guys. Second: “Holy Cow, Batman” because I/we will be 65 this year. I don’t feel mid 60s (most days) but I will sign up for Medicare this year. Third: health is okay. I have to get my blood sugar down first. Yes, diabetes. Diet is good. Mostly plant-based. But I have to exercise. All this virtual work was great, Career coach/workforce development at Housing Authority and Johns Hopkins for last seven years, but I put on 30 COVID pounds. High BP and heart disease are hereditary but meds are helping, I hope. Planning to live to 100 years old, but could drop at any time.

My assignment at JHU was temporary and a hiring freeze prevented them from making three of us permanent as promised. Taking a job in recovery right now for the money, but I am interested in starting a group home for young adult males. I couldn't find one for my son when he needed one. Two years since God called him home. Again, thank you guys for your love and support. His memorial Crape Myrtle tree (Big Marcus) is doing well and we kept two of the plants (Big and Little Markie). Daughter (Mallory) and her four kids (8 to 3) are well (Khloe, Kevin, Milan and Major). Trying to keep up energy for them. I told my wife, Wanda, recently that I have enjoyed our life together (32 years married in June) and looking forward to however many more God has planned for us. At 61 she is ready to retire but will wait until 65. My plan is to work till 75 which will give me another 25 to reach 100.

I will be getting my life and health insurance license shortly to work with the World Financial Group part time, under an old friend. Don’t worry, I am not soliciting classmates. Referrals, maybe. LOL.


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