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Mike Van der Loos '72


I left Baltimore after my freshman year at JHU, first for the EPFL in Lausanne. I then moved to Silicon Valley and Stanford for a Ph.D., the first 20 years of a research career, a fantastic and enduring marriage, and two great kids who are now professionals in their own right. About 14 years ago, my wife, a Canadian, and I moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada, where we are both faculty at UBC. I am now 50% retired from my position, and we are living most of the time in our home in Whistler, immensely enjoying this year-round outdoor activities mecca.

I see from our class notes that time is running its inevitable course with many of our families: condolences are now often to be paired with congratulations on the arrivals and accomplishments of our progeny, and so I pass mine to you. My father died many years ago; my mother is still alive and well, in Switzerland, at age 90, and a continuing reason to visit there as often as possible to see her and my sister’s family.


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