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Mike Van der Loos '72

March 2024

After 28 years in the Bay Area conducting research in rehabilitation robotics at the Palo Alto VA Rehabilitation R&D Center and teaching engineering design at Stanford University, and then 16 years on the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, I decided to retire in September of 2023. After finding a fantastic mountain-view lot in Whistler and designing a chalet for my wife, also a UBC professor, and me a few years ago, we’ve moved pretty much full time to this great year-round sports mecca. Our two kids, both with fantastic partners, are following in our tradition of professional engagement, one as an assistant professor in sustainable energy innovation (Utrecht), and the other as a lawyer here in BC specializing in indigenous rights. Our world will be a better place with them in these front-line domains! I’m looking forward to more skiing and hiking, more travel, and more connection with our far-flung family.


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