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Patrick Jacob '75


I feel a bit of an imposter as I left Gilman in 1970 so never graduated (though I did graduate from Millfield School in England, just!). This picture is of me and my granddaughter, Piper, who was born on my 60th birthday. I continue to run my business as a technology investment banker in London, marveling at the pace of change I see and the good fortune many of us have to live in these wonderful times (well, COVID excepted!) — so exciting and hopefully technology and the democratization of information will make the world a better place for the dispossessed and oppressed, as well as for us. I just got back from Venice (air travel … remember that!) which I am pleased to say has survived the plague though there is much evidence of the damage done by the 2019 flood. I spend about half my time in London which is a truly great place which I heartily recommend visiting; too few Americans are coming! Although long ago, my fond memory of Gilman was of a collegiate place which created a sense of the importance of civic duty and of honourable behaviour; lots to like about that. Convivial greetings to all classmates, Cheers, Patrick 


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