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Peter Ness '57


Although only a Lower School student at Gilman, Peter Ness has been one of our more loyal classmates in terms of keeping up with Gilman and our class. Pete and George Barker had remained close friends, and he was present at our 50th reunion. We also have a history as cabin mates at Camp Wallula eons ago. Pete continues to reside in Connecticut. Having some family close by has helped coping with COVID restrictions, but sports have been an equal salvation. We both share a glimmer of hope that there is a ray of light at the end of the Orioles’ dark tunnel.

reported by Frank Gluck '57

April 23, 2020

Peter Ness relates from his home in Connecticut that he remains vertical thanks to a hip replacement and is reliving his love of lacrosse through his grandchildren. Although Peter only attended the Lower School, he and George Barker had remained close friends through the years, and he has attended a number of reunions. Many of us who attended Camp Wallula fondly remember him from our camping days.

reported by Frank Gluck '57


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