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Peter Ratcliffe '83


Still four kids 20-25, two boys two girls. Two in college with COVIDd BS making a disastrous experience and basically all living at home including the two that work. Never thought I’d allow that seeing as how I was allowed two days in house after college ended.

Still manning Ratcliffe Architect — 13-person staff. Commercial and residential. Great year despite what we thought would happen in March 2020. Busier than ever. I guess government print trillions has given people freedom to spend.

Bizzy and I are taking a two-week pacific northwest tour in a four-wheel-drive revel sprinter van this summer.

Playing golf with my two boys a ton. Both now better than me…surprise.

Trying to have as much fun as possible now that I figure we only have 20 good years left to get crazy and live aggressively like I prefer.


Peter Ratcliffe comically chimed in, “My report is same old but all just getting older. Ratcliffe Architects — 12-person firm — office and home near each other in Greenspring Valley area. Regional client base — custom high-end commercial and residential. Recent notable clients: St. Paul’s School sports stadium and other projects, Jemicy School additions and improvements, still primary architect for Royal Farms (20-some years running), country clubs and restaurants, (Valley Inn, Elkridge CC, Greenspring CC, etc.) and various new homes and additions (check out the website!). Still married to Elizabeth, who does event planning for Gilman. Four children — two girls, two boys (both Gilman alumni). Oldest out of college, two in, one graduating this year. Primary interests — travel, golf, paddle tennis, salt and freshwater fish, hunt, some surfing.” Sorry Peter, it looks like you picked up a few new hobbies over the years.

reported by Andrew Buerger '83


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