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Peter Wharton '77

May 2022

FAMILY UPDATE: My husband, Grey, is in his second decade at NASA and worked with the James Webb telescope team, which is based in Baltimore. By the time this gets published we’ll hopefully see some of the incredible insights into the origins of our universe the Webb telescope promises to bring. He’s also the head speechwriter making sure NASA leadership says stuff we mere mortals can understand. Lately this has meant increasing travel, and as my travel gets back to normal we find ourselves playing tag-team dads to our five dogs. My brother John ’76 also lives in Southern Maryland, and during COVID, we began getting together every week, a habit I hope sticks.

CAREER UPDATE: A couple of years ago I joined TAG Video Systems, a media technology company based in Tel Aviv as their Chief Strategy and Cloud Officer. I had first discovered this company when I was migrating PBS into the Amazon cloud and was won over by their technology brilliance and ability to squeeze more compute capability out of servers than anyone I had ever seen. In the last year we’ve achieved 380+ Gbps of real-time video throughput through a single Dell server, something that I still think defies the laws of physics, and over 100m of hours usage in the cloud last year, another number I’m having trouble comprehending, especially as we weren’t even in the cloud when I started. After consulting with them for a year I joined the company at the start of COVID, so the show last week in Las Vegas was the first time I’ve met most of my colleagues in person. What a strange, fun, exciting, and fast-moving world it’s been.


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