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Pope Barrow '61


I turned 80, surprising my doctors who predicted my imminent demise three years ago. I wrote a book, which is selling well. I play lots of pickleball. I raced my sailboat on the Potomac winning three out of four seasons. I raised a garden and ate everything in it. I went sailing and snorkeling in Belize. I had fun all year.” I can attest to most of this. He is looking in his prime, considering his age. To attest that he is sailing, we sent our ’61 sports anchor out to get proof. The report came back “Middleton Pope Barrow’s yacht Black Dog is on its way to yet another big win on the Potomac. This wheel has plenty of tread left to ride a lot of waves. His nine sailing opponents were left so far behind, the photographer couldn’t even get a group photo of the boats crossing.” See photo. (Is that a motor off the transom? No wonder he does so well.)

reported by Bill Hardy '61


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