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Rick Friedman '82


I am writing this while sitting on a plane heading back from Family Day at the University of Denver where my youngest goes to school. I am currently living in Boca Raton, Florida, about five minutes away from Bruce Zukerberg, which surprisingly has not yet resulted in a rip-roaring quarters game. Or perhaps the correct word is not “surprisingly” but “fortunately”! I am about halfway through fixing up a beat-up house. My three daughters are spread around the world, with my twins in Oakland, California, (a nurse!) and Vienna, Austria (studying nursing) while my youngest is a psychology major at the University of Denver. Work remains a constant positive continuing my 26-year run at the company I founded long ago. My wife, Julie, is a psychologist and enjoys her work. I have spent the past few years focusing on my health. I have been lifting a lot (thank you Tonal – check it out if you are not familiar). I am down to my Gilman weight (maybe) or my college weight (definitely). The goal is to spend each winter in Utah skiing as much powder as possible. Next year’s adventure probably includes some back and side country trips. Living in Florida has definitely put a damper on my hiking, canyoneering, mountain biking, and whiskey drinking. Well maybe not the whiskey drinking which has taken new turns once I discovered chocolate bitters for my various “psycho” cocktail creations. In a possible sign that the apocalypse is upon us, Jay Brennan is currently beating me in fantasy baseball. This, needless to say, is the absolute worst and most horrible thing in my life currently. I talk to Bruce Zukerberg regularly and connected with him, Jay Goldstein, Jay’s daughter, and Jay’s daughter’s boyfriend for a day of skiing. I talk to Jon Thaler fairly regularly and am happy to report that he is one very happy and funny dude with a memory of our past exploits that I sometimes wish was less accurate! I made a half-hearted effort to connect with Jay Dugan and Geary Stonesifer in South Florida before life got a bit busy (watch out boys — you’re still on my radar, and I have whiskey to share!). The bottom line is my family is awesome, work is great, happily healthy and would be delighted to connect with any of my fellow Gilman alums in Florida. My life is pretty good.


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