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Rob Baker '66


It was good to hear from Rob Baker again, and he had lots of news to share. Foremost, he related that in the winter of 2022, he was afflicted with a life-threatening illness causing 22 days of hospitalization, during which he lost 24 pounds, suffered high fever and encephalitis, needed ice baths and connections to multiple monitors and tubes, but he survived to tell about it! Rob expresses deep gratitude to Sandy, his wife of 45 years, and brother Bill, for their loving support during his life crisis. Ultimately, his illness was diagnosed as a “strong immune response to an unknown agent, probably viral.” Life returned to normal, which for Rob and Sandy, translates to several months each year at a second home on the north shore of Kauai, “where I am fortunate to surf nearly every day.” A new additional surfing destination for Rob is in Playa La Saladita in Guerrero, Mexico, where Rob and Stan McCleary partnered to buy a condo close by this beach location known for its “notable left-hand longboard break.” Rob's daughter Emily now lives in San Diego, with husband Micah Blazer and two children Ely (5) and Sylvi (3). Son Peter and his wife, Karra, live nearby and were expecting their first child to arrive by year-end. Rob still maintains a sharp golf game and partnered with brother Bill ’74, to win a member-guest tournament last summer.

reported by Rick Buck '66


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