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Rob DeMuth '83

April 2022

Is it me, or does Rob DeMuth get funnier every time he gets a new bionic body part? He emailed: “My life has become some strange combination of Groundhog Day and a Progressive Insurance commercial. Consistency can’t be all bad – Cal Ripken rode it all the way to the Hall of Fame. I knew I had a problem when I regaled my neighbor about the merits of my new weed eater. My oldest daughter, Sophie, will graduate from Fordham University in May, and Lauren will be finishing her first year at UCLA. I’m looking forward to visiting her for some of the Southern California lifestyle and college football games. My wife, Jenny, continues to work in the electrophysiology department at Hopkins. If you don’t know what electrophysiology is you soon will. I’m nearing 25 years at Morgan Stanley via Legg Mason.”

reported by Andrew Buerger '83


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