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Ron Sheff '66

I continue to represent hospitals in the Maryland office of a national healthcare law firm. I primarily work from home, although this year, as part of my job, I have been spending several days a week at Sheppard Pratt as their general counsel, which I greatly enjoy. Pam’s job at Johns Hopkins usually affords us opportunities for international travel that we have built our vacations around, but that ended after we got back from Spain at the end of January 2020. Hopefully travel will resume next year, but we have been very fortunate to have our three children and four grandchildren (ages 2½ to 12) all live within a short distance from us in north Baltimore. With the family to entertain us and not wanting to leave our almost 16-year-old dog for too long, we have basically been staying put, remaining grateful that we are still healthy and able to keep working.


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