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Snowden Stanley '60


Remembrances of Richie are well said by all. He was such a friendly person for all the years we knew him. I particularly respected the way in which he transitioned to selling furniture after the end of his time at The Crease and before his real estate business got going. He was good at that too!


I have gotten much pleasure lately out of remembering Traveling Men practices at Bill Porter’s house. I know that I enjoyed the practices more than the performances although those were fun as well. I think that we were very lucky to have had that experience and to be supported and led by Bill Porter, a superb teacher and friend to all of us. In isolation, Nancy has not killed me yet, so I continue to thank the good Lord that I married a saint. Tommy’s work life must be quite different now with (I assume) no visitors to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I wonder if some of the animals like porpoises notice the lack of people walking around?? Class Secretary Ted Knowles: Tommy says, “I doubt they notice, but who knows. The jellyfish certainly don’t notice.”



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