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Stan McCleary '66


Greetings from Oregon! The last five years have not produced profound change, as I still have the same habits, still practice psychology, still surf, and as I write this, am today celebrating the 46th anniversary of my marriage, still, to my lovely wife Louisa. Being able to say I still do anything has increasing and more evident value though, with each passing year, as I think about it. Appreciation for pretty much everything that isn’t thoroughly annoying, or along with the annoying, has increased, I think. Perhaps a compensation for aging. Our son, George, has a 7-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son, so the son is new since last report. My daughter also has a new son, now a year and a half old. Son George is here in Portland, so we see him and his family a fair amount. Daughter Angenie is in Sun Valley, Idaho, and we get over there when we can. The main classmates I actually still physically see some, living out here, are Gordy Allen, Rob Baker and Greg Jones. Always such a delight to enjoy a sense of history with people that go that far back — a somewhat rare thing here. I am working less lately, playing more, hopefully dialing in some kind of balance, and savoring the blessings where I remember to find them. May you all enjoy good health and happiness!


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