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Steve Mason '64


I am fortunate to split my time 49:51 between Baltimore and Naples, Florida, the latter where my vote counts and my taxes don’t. I continue to work part time in both locations in cardiology. In Maryland I’m with the Hopkins group at GBMC. In Florida, I frequently see Tee Winstead, and yearly we both see Neal Harris in nearby Sanibel. Last month, Bert Keidel visited and spoke learnedly to the Naples Discussion Group, which I chair, about China and its economy, about which he has recently published a 400-page book. My four children are spread from NYC to Taiwan, and one daughter lives in Owings Mills where her three daughters attend Garrison Forest. In Baltimore, after homesteading in Ruxton, then Homeland, we downsized into an apartment in the Colonnade across University Parkway from the Hopkins campus which became our “backyard” for walks and picnics during the depths of COVID time. I sympathize with all who have been through the downsizing trauma; yet, how lucky many of us still are!


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