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Steve Parker '73


After graduation, I went to Brown and obtained a B.A. in English Literature, without a doubt inspired by my 5th Form year in English with Roy Barker. I then went on to medical school at Maryland, trained in NYC and went into anesthesia. Almost my whole career has been at Anne Arundel Medical Center, a wonderful hospital in Annapolis. I commuted from D.C. for a long time and now from Bethesda for a long time, which has earned me probably my greatest claim to fame — getting 410,000 miles off of my 2000 Acura TL, until I had to retire it in 2017. I got a late start with kids, and then an even later start, and have four kids (all my own) ranging in age from 12 to 25. Yes, I’ll never be able to retire, but my job’s enjoyable and pretty low key (no nights or weekends), and I take off eight weeks vacation a year plus every other Friday, so I’m kind of slowly retiring anyway. They say it keeps you young to have young kids; I find it keeps you poor, but the kids are wonderful, and everything will be free if these Democrats have anything to say about it, so why worry? Please keep in touch! I’d love to see classmates and hear from everybody even if you didn’t write back this time. I can be reached anytime at or 202-841-5269.

Steve (P, the Big P, Mr. P, Dr. P, Stevie P...)


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