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Taylor Classen '82


Life goes on in Baltimore. My oldest son will be a senior at Elon University and graduate in May 2025. He has a passion for buying and selling high-end watches so hopefully he has a lob when he graduates. My youngest son, Hayes, has autism and will complete high school in 2025. He wants to be a church organist when he is older. I keep telling him that is great but you also need a job to pay the bills. Later in May, Krongard, Bonsal Wilgis, and I as well as our wives head to Ireland for a 60th b-day celebration. Wow, how did we got so old so quick? It should be a fun time. I see Mitch, Wells, Knipper, Tom W on a regular basis. They all seem to be well. Mitch is reliving 1982 playing drums in a Rush tribute band. I run into Peter Wilson on a regular basis. His architecture business is going well. He was kind enough to let me bid on one of his projects. I spoke with Stonesifer and it sounds like his business (Mrs. Peters Fish Spread) is going well. He has expanded the distribution channel into the NE and is working on a business arrangement with Phil Gorman ’81. Worm is engaged to a beauty from Brazil, he seems smitten with Fernanda (I think this is her name).


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