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Temple Grassi '65


I also got an email from Temple Grassi that he has added pickleball to his ‘quiver’ of racquet sports, which include tennis, squash, court tennis, and now pickleball. I get to join him for a round of golf in May down in Chevy Chase, which we do a couple of times a year. I am trying to get Temple up to Baltimore in June to play golf with David Winstead and Jay Wilson, but I fear the Grassis will have departed for Maine by then.

reported by William Baker '65


George Cassels-Smith '83 (left) and Temple Grassi '65 (right) catch up at the snappy Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier, Pa. What's fun here is that George was a 4th Grade student of mine circa 1972, and I am happy to report that George[?]s behavior was exemplary and he didn't lose his recess!!!


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