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Tim Robinson '82


All are doing well with the Robinson clan. Our oldest son, Taylor, continues working in the Bay area of California, but is still planning to move back east soon to be with his siblings and friends. Our daughter, Rebekah, finished her undergrad studies at the University of Toronto in 2021 (in the middle of COVID-times!); she’s a lot like her mother, Damien, (and not like me thank goodness LOL!) and got three degrees — history, Russian (fluent) and French (fluent). She went on to complete a one-year master’s degree at Columbia University in journalism in 2022. She’s done some foreign correspondent work, international interviews, and has served as executive producer for several podcasts. Still living with us here in Maryland, she’s also supporting her alma mater Bryn Mawr by serving on the Alumni Executive Board and loves to travel internationally.

Our youngest son, Talbot, finished his undergraduate studies at UMBC with a degree in computer science and minor in mathematics last year. He’s on his way towards finding what will be the right opportunity for him. Back in 2017, Damien and I got hooked on camping, first starting in a small tent, moving up to bigger ones and then getting our first pop-up trailer, and now we’re on to our second pop-up trailer. We’re mostly camping local throughout the state (from western Maryland to the Eastern Shore) but have gone as far north as the New York Adirondacks and typically camp from March to November.

Last summer, after many “we should do this” conversations, Doug Riley and his wife, Choya, my wife, Damien, and I went away on vacation together to Grand Cayman Island for about a week. We rented a three-bedroom townhouse right on the beach 50 feet away! Spent our time relaxing, eating, drinking beer and bourbon, and Doug got to enjoy his cigars (see photo)! Even had a chance to learn how to roll our own stogies from an expert! Towards the end of our stay, Doug and Choya blessed us by witnessing my wife and I renewing our vows on the beach for our 25th anniversary. I highly recommend a visit to this island!


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