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Tom Miller '75


Ah, life in Pandemia! So, the Miller family were early adopters of COVID-19. I was first to contract it, in February 2020. I’m not sure where I got it: possibly a lunch, a concert, or maybe a party. Social distancing was not in vogue then, so mingling with 300-plus friends and strangers was not an issue. I lovingly shared COVID with my wife and son, but we all recovered pretty quickly without major complications.

When New York closed the schools last March, we decamped to our place in the Poconos and stayed there pretty much until after Labor Day. We were fortunate to be able to enjoy numerous outdoor activities in the country that we couldn’t do in shut-down NYC. But things are returning to a new normal in New York, with schools at least partially reopened, restaurants and bars (those that survived) climbing back, and most of our adult friends (and ourselves) are fully vaccinated at last. So, here’s to a much better end to 2021!

Hope all my Gilman friends and classmates have stayed healthy throughout the pandemic.


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