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Wallace Simpson '82


Wallace Simpson writes: “Brian! Every time I get your email request, I put it aside to give it some deep thought, and then I think I forget. So, I will drop you this note now while I am thinking about it. It looks like the last time I wrote you I had just left AWS and started working for ServiceNow. While I love their software, I was in the wrong role in the wrong group and left after two years. I am now working for Snowflake in their global support organization and absolutely love it. I work with awesome people and feel like they really value my 25 years in large enterprise support and operations. The big new thing I have been up to is working on short film production in the Seattle area since 2021. For context, I was a music major back at Bucknell right after Gilman and then went to Bowling Green State University for grad school. Even back then I wanted to score films, but it was pretty impossible to do unless you went to a top tier school for it, which I did not. One thing led to another and I put that behind me over 30 years ago. While Covid was pretty awful in a lot of ways, it did let me get back into music with a goal to score some films. I spent a lot of time relearning everything, building a small studio, and managed to connect with some pretty cool people making short films in Seattle. Over the last three years I have written scores for 10 short films with three of those being selected in a few dozen film festivals in the U.S. and around the world. I seem to have found a niche in scoring horror films, and I have won Best Original Score two years in a row in the Seattle 48 Hour Horror Film Competitions. The biggest highlights over the last few months have been attending some pretty big festivals in Atlanta, Georgia, and Regensburg, Germany. I have a lot of projects in development and planning and expect to be pretty busy the rest of the year having a ton of fun making movies. You can find out more about all of that at I have also become quite fascinated with taking photos and videos of eagles ever since I got a little vacation lake house in the Seattle area. One of my videos actually has almost 70k views and I am still a little confused about how that happened. Here it is in case you want to push my views even higher: If anyone finds themselves in the Seattle area, please look me up; I love entertaining at the lake in the summer!”


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