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Warren Buckler '53


A breath of fresh air arrived with a newsy bit of information from Warren Buckler. He and Pat live in Northwest Indiana where wildlife and wild flowers abound and Lake Michigan is not far away. Warren gardens aggressively, expanding his wildflower plantings whenever possible, and hikes his neighboring lush dunelands for enjoyment (his description, not mine). Located on the Central Flyway of North America, he and Pat are treated to and enjoy each year the migration of the striking Sandhill Crane. They also get to take any grandchildren that show up to what he calls the sandy and sunbaked beaches of Lake Michigan. HAH! They seemed rocky and super windy to me.


Warren Buckler and Pat have happily surfaced once again in Valparaiso, Ind. Apparently Valparaiso is only a launching pad for continuing cultural and charitable pursuits. Last October, Warren was in Sierra Leone West Africa as part of an effort to open a secondary school with the objective to prepare young men and women for potential high-paying careers — like construction, engineering, and agriculture — not merely jobs. He learned “how little he really knows about Africa” and vows to catch up. He finds the people most hospitable and the beaches “splendid.”

reported by Pierre Bouscaren '53


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