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Warren Stewart '63

Warren Stewart died from complications of dementia on Feb. 2, 2021. During our Second Form year, Warrie accompanied yours truly and Ward Coe in some Sunday mischief that landed us in the room adjoining the jail cells at Pikesville police station. When the police called each of our parents to the station to retrieve us, only Warrie’s and my parents arrived. Ward recalls that his father told the police to keep him there. Sixty years later, Ward authored an eloquent recollection of the experience for reading at Warrie’s virtual funeral on Zoom. More to Warrie’s credit, his fraternity brother and fellow defenseman on Washington and Lee’s lacrosse team, Lance Bendann, noted that Warrie won 12 letters for athletics at W and L, was voted the best athlete in his graduating class, and played lacrosse in the Western U.S. until age 70. Johnnie’s renown was closer to home on the point to point circuit where he was Master of the Hounds and an annual fixture impossible to miss atop the judge’s stand at the Maryland Hunt Cup.

reported by Jake Slagle '63


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