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Will Lanahan '97

May 2024

Will Lanahan feels great being back in Baltimore the last two-plus years, I see lots of fellow classmates, and obviously being the secretary, my job has gotten a lot easier with the technological advances. Everyone has been so receptive and willing to write class notes about themselves and what they have been up to. The only exception I guess is Alec Riepe who has nothing going on. It’s been especially exciting with the Baltimore Orioles playing such phenomenal baseball! Thank goodness for the new team ownership caring about the city and the fans, it’s a breath of fresh air! Everything is good on my end. Hopefully, by the time these notes are published, my brand Offsite will be launched, and all of you will be forced — I mean excited — to buy multiple units! Keep up the good work Centennial class of 97! Don’t be a ALEC! One Love!


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