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Winston Rigsby '89


Last but not least, there’s me, Winston Rigsby. I’ve been living in California since 1997, most of that in San Francisco, with a three-year stint in LA. I now reside in the burbs of San Rafael, about 25 minutes north of San Francisco. I live with my partner of 11 years, Angelique, and we have a son, Grant (7 but will be 8 by the time you read this), and a daughter Marlowe (5). We also added a third child to the family during quarantine last April, a French bulldog named Gigi (17 months). I’ve held various jobs over the years, bartender for most of them (the Isaac joke in the ‘89 Cynosure came true!) , but the most important one has been a stay-at-home parent to first my son and then my daughter when she came along. Seeing literally every minute of their growth has been rewarding, challenging, but most importantly, a blessing, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When I’m not waiting on them hand and foot, I’m collecting vinyl records, listening to said records, practicing DJ-ing (quarantine hobby), gaming with the kids, coaching soccer, and spending not enough time on the Peloton. I also am a part of a monthly Zoom call with Myron, Paul, Tony, Danny, Carlton, and Amahl. It’s only been about three months in but it’s been great catching up with them. It would also be awesome if we could do a large one with the class, just for fun. If anything, we can make this the first of many ‘89 class notes, and with even more attendance next time! I just turned 50 three weeks before this writing, and to quote the classic Italian film, “Life is Beautiful.” Go O’s!


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