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Recap: Eras of Gilman Assembly

In an effort to deepen the connections between Gilman students of today with those of yesteryear, we welcomed four alumni representing different decades — Andy Brooks '74Josh Levinson '89Tronster Hartley '94, and Aaron Carroll '14 — back to campus to share their experiences through Upper School Assembly in the leadup to Alumni Weekend 2024.

Andy painted a vivid picture of our Roland Park campus in the 1970s (envision no wall along Northern Parkway and no computers!) and explained why he has made it such a priority to volunteer at Gilman in numerous capacities, including his present role as President of the Board of Trustees, since graduation.

Josh spoke fondly about the Gilman Raiders and 310 study hall — two of his favorite traditions — and expressed with great emotion the positive experience he had as a Gilman parent.

Tronster shared a few of his favorite memories and how the divisions that can separate classes seem to dissipate entirely as time goes by, making it all the more important and rewarding to attend alumni gatherings.

And Aaron talked about the teachers and coaches who had most impacted him, including Owen Daly, who was in the audience, and stressed the importance of showing up and being a problem-solver — skills he learned at Gilman that have helped him find success in the real world.

As a parting shot, each panelist offered his view of what makes him feel so good when thinking about Gilman of today versus the Gilman of his era.


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