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Seniors Get Hypnotized

Even a global pandemic couldn't stand in the way of one of Gilman's favorite newer traditions - the Senior Class Hypnotist Event. On March 3, more than 75 members of the class of 2021 filed into the tent on the Middle School blacktop to enjoy the performance by mentalist Christopher Carter. After a quick burrito dinner, the students fanned out throughout the tent - masked and socially-distanced, of course - to take in the show. Howls of laughter could be heard throughout campus as they watched their classmates reenact scenes from Titanic, steal one another's shoes off their feet, and have a conversation in an invented tongue. Said School President Senior Tucker Hebert, "After having so much of our senior year impacted, we were all so thankful that we could still have this special tradition. While at first I was a little disappointed not to get hypnotized, watching my classmates getting hypnotized was one of the wildest and funniest experiences I’ve had at Gilman. From being on an airplane to making someone think that they were a sumo wrestler, the things he made my classmates do were all so funny. While the hypnotist was amazing, what was most special for me was just being together with almost our entire grade. There have only been a handful of times where all of the seniors have been together, so it was great to share that experience with everyone."



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