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Toby Bozzuto '92 Shares Career and Life Advice with Upper School Business Club

Written by Owen Pu '24, Co-President, Gilman Business Club

On Friday, April 5, the Gilman Business Club welcomed Toby Bozzuto '92 back to campus. As President and CEO of The Bozzuto Group, an experience-focused real estate company based in Greenbelt, MD, Bozzuto manages the day-to-day operations of four company branches: construction, management, development, and housing.

Walking club members through a vivid presentation, Bozzuto discussed how he developed the company's business model, which focuses primarily on higher-end apartments and housing. Despite remaining focused on the quality of the real estate and its buildings, Bozzuto stressed the importance of developing community within their properties, a habit that he traces all the way back to his time at Gilman. Through endeavors like art, music, community events, and exceptional service, The Bozzuto Group has successfully created a genuine sense of home in each of its buildings. With a business that focuses on the more expensive real estate, questions about accessibility do arise. In this light, Bozzuto highlighted the company's solutions for tackling such problems, like working with local governments to subsidize affordable housing and developing events to benefit local communities.

With all the exciting projects and valuable life lessons to share, Bozzuto's lasting message was one that emphasized the importance of community and focusing your energy on those around you first.


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