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Gilman: “A Good Place for Supporting the Arts”

“I was nervous about it being gratuitous or self-serving for just the art teachers,” said Middle School art teacher Dave Anderson. “But it came out to be wonderful. I learned things about my colleagues that I didn’t know before.”

Anderson, who began teaching at Gilman in 2003, was referring to the Faculty/Staff Art Show, an initiative he has thought about for years. He brought his idea to life shortly before winter break.

“I believe in the idea of our students getting to see that this thing that we do — art — can be uncomfortable. And some of the adults that you work with — they do it too,” he said.

Of course, there were the usual suspects who submitted their work: art, sculpture, photography, and design and woodworking teachers. But other unexpecting members of Gilman’s faculty and staff did, too, including math, English, and modern language teachers, librarians, an accountant, an athletic trainer, and more.

And the artwork is just as diverse as the artists who created the pieces, from paintings and photographs to a crocheted mohair poncho and a collection of expertly carved wooden spoons. “Looking at the collective group of work, you can see there’s a lot of creative people here,” Anderson said.

In addition to recognizing the talented artists, he also acknowledged the support he received from Art Department Chair Karl Connolly in pulling off the show. “We feed off of each other really well. I lean on him a lot.”

Now that he has his first faculty/staff exhibit under his artist’s apron, Anderson is looking to the future and at possible options that go beyond visual art, like music or other expressions of self.

“These people who are willing to come together and put their work out there — it’s a good reminder to all of us to be willing to share our passions,” he said. “It’s cool that our community has that culture. Gilman is a really good place for supporting the arts.”

Art teachers Dave Anderson, Karl Connolly, Rya Inman, Michael Chamberlain, and Sarah Sachs set up the installation of works of art by more than 30 members of Gilman’s faculty and staff, on display in the cases along the Dining Hall Annex through January 27. Participating artists include:

  • Trevlin Alexander
  • David Anderson
  • Isaiah Buchanan
  • Michael Chamberlain
  • Cesare Ciccanti
  • Karl Connolly
  • Nicholas Corasaniti
  • Alice Dearing
  • Ned Emala
  • Pat Franz
  • Diane Fuller
  • Adam Herb
  • Rya Inman
  • Clare Lincoln
  • Diego Matorras
  • Nicole Mitchell
  • Lynn Nichols
  • Taushaunna Patience
  • Phyllis Pollard
  • Kelly Powell
  • Steve Ruark
  • Sarah Sachs
  • Rebecca Scott
  • Jake Scott
  • Boo Smith
  • Michael Stamberg
  • Donell Thompson
  • Mike Wallace
  • Mark Welch
  • Mee Wong


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