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Peace and Love (and Learning) for Lower School Students During Black History Month

As part of our Black History Month celebration, Baltimore native Maria Broom, an award-winning actor, dancer, and storyteller, virtually visited the Lower School on Wednesday, February 2. She opened the presentation with, “Peace and love, I’m happy to be here.” Then Broom went through a list of holidays that people celebrate at different times throughout the year. She gave a few details on each, everything from the Lunar New Year and Rosh Hashanah to Ramadan and Lent, from Passover and Easter to Cinco de Mayo and Juneteenth.

Then Broom got out of her seat and used facial expressions, hand movements, and her whole body to tell the boys a story. She used rhythm and song. She used repetition and vocal expression. At the end, she put on some music and invited the students and teachers to join her in a choreographed dance.

“You put a big smile on our faces,” said Head of Lower School Linda Fussell. Closing out the event, Broom repeated her earlier sentiment: “Peace and love.”


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