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Second Graders Get a Burst of Flavors at the Juicy Genre Café

Second grade students gathered in the Stevens Room — aka the Juicy Genre Café — on Thursday, September 28. This event, which first started in 2018, compliments the second grade reading program, which focuses on helping boys to develop a love for reading and to expand their book selections.

Led by second grade teachers Claire Haggarty, Lisa Shapiro, and LJ Shapiro, with support from the Lower School Library Team, Juicy Genre Café gives students the opportunity to browse tables filled with books and answer questions about them to help determine their genres.

“The Juicy Genre Café is such a special event for the second graders!” said Senior Library Assistant Alice Garten. “During their library classes and homerooms, students learn how to identify different types of books. It was so fun to welcome the boys to their ‘first course’ — mysteries, which is also my favorite genre. I loved hearing the boys talk about the mystery series they love such as ‘A to Z Mysteries’ and ‘Eerie Elementary’!”

From mystery to science fiction, and from fantasy to historical and realistic fiction, the boys got a real taste for reading!

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