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Kindergarten Learns About Russian Christmas

Kindergartners learned about Russian Christmas from a classmate’s mom, who dressed up as Grandfather Frost and visited the three classrooms via Zoom on Tuesday, December 14. Grandfather Frost looks similar to Santa Claus, so many boys had questions about their relationship and his job. “I think I’m his cousin,” Grandfather Frost declared. “Since Santa is so busy here, I’m helping him out in Russia.”

Daniel C. recited a poem in Russian for the students. Frost explained that Russian Christmas, which takes place on January 7, is a time for dancing. Then a variation of the “Chicken Dance” song in Russian filled the rooms. The boys played a game using letters from both the Russian alphabet and English alphabet. When the Zoom activities were over, the boys decorated Russian nesting dolls and enjoyed a cupcake treat (in lieu of traditional Russian Christmas tea cake).

Shortly after the festivities, it was dismissal time, and the kindergartners were pleased to discover that Grandfather Frost himself was in the carpool pickup line!

Kindergarten Learns About Russian Christmas



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