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“Today, we are learning about somebody very, very, very special...”

Kindergartners have been hard at work learning about all different kinds of heroes. During their study of Black history and women’s history, the boys researched important figures like Barack Obama, Rosa Parks, Mae Jemison, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Katherine Johnson. 

Individually, the students created small paper dolls representing the people they studied, and then they collaborated with each other to create large-format depictions from paper and other materials. All artwork hangs on the windows in the kindergarten hallway, a backdrop for the next part of their educational endeavor: the Kindergarten Newsroom Report.

The boys worked in groups of three to share information about each leader, speaking into popsicle-stick microphones that were crowned with balls of aluminum foil. They all appear to be skilled TV journalists, expertly passing the news story to the next one with exclamations of “back to you!” or “take it away!”

“She stood up for Black people,” one student reported on Rosa Parks. His co-reporter added, “She was sick of the old rules and she keeped [sic] working for Black people even when she got arrested.”

Sentence strips with facts the boys collected are posted on the windows next to the artwork. One of them reads, “President Obama went to law school at Harvard”; another hangs next to MLK’s picture that says, “He fought for justice.”

One reporter described Mae Jemison: “She was an engineer, an astronaut, and a doctor.” His correspondent provided commentary: “She was not only smart but also brave.”

Watch the full news report below.

“Today, we are learning about somebody very, very, very special...”



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