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Gilman Parents Share Eid Celebration

Thank you to Gilman parents Jabin Janoo, Parven Akhter, and Maryam Khan, who led the Eid celebration in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools on Monday, April 24. In addition to setting up a lovely display in each division, they provided donuts for the entire student body, faculty, and staff and placed special treats in each faculty lounge.

They provided the following explanation of Ramadan and Eid:

The idea of fasting during Ramadan is to bring the faithful into closeness with Allah through observing heightened purity of actions and thoughts in addition to physically abstaining from food during the day. This teaches gratitude, empathy, and generosity. Fasting — along with other actions undertaken during Ramadan — helps to cleanse the soul and redirect oneself away from worldly concerns. The month of fasting culminates with the festival of Eid ul Fitr.


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