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12 More Students Inducted into Cum Laude Society

With 24 seniors seated on stage, their parents proudly watching, and Upper School students and faculty in attendance, Head of School Henry P. A. Smyth gave opening remarks at the Cum Laude Society induction ceremony on Monday, April 17. He shared with the audience that the group sitting before them, with regard to academic standing, represents the top 20 percent of their class.

Founded in 1906 in Port Deposit, Maryland, the Cum Laude Society was created to recognize scholastic achievement. Gilman opened its chapter in 1952. “Let me congratulate you on the achievement,” Smyth said. “It is no small feat.” He added that the honored seniors should take this recognition of excellence along with the rest of the Gilman Five. “Accept it with humility, honor, integrity, and respect. None of you got here today without the help of others.” Then he acknowledged their parents, teachers, and peers.

Trumpet player Morgan Can Fanyo-Tabak ’23 played an impressive musical selection before president of Gilman’s Cum Laude chapter Joe Duncan echoed Smyth’s words of pride. Duncan introduced keynote speaker James Piper Bond ’77, who, among many other roles, is president and CEO of Living Classrooms Foundation in Baltimore.

Bond reflected on his 12 years at Gilman, saying, “It took me quite a while to realize the benefits and the opportunities that this school provided for me.” He spoke about his vast travel experiences — first driving cross country for a year in the middle of college and then moving through Europe and other parts of the world for four years after graduation. All along the way, he said he “had this nagging, growing desire” to discover his purpose. Through his adventures, he learned that “nothing felt better than when I was helping someone else,” a notion that he said was rooted in his time at Gilman.

When he returned home, he thought he’d go to law school like his father and his grandfather, but realized he “had a different calling.” So he spent time volunteering in Baltimore and became passionate about helping those less fortunate. He ended up getting a job at Living Classrooms. Thirty-eight years later, he’s still there, making a difference for countless people. Bond challenged the students to reflect upon their own gifts and experiences and to ask themselves: “What can you do to make a difference in the world?”

Duncan first recognized the 12 seniors who were inducted into Cum Laude in the fall, and then he read the charge to the newest 12 members. Upper School history teacher Matthew Baum and Assistant Head of Upper School Brian Ledyard were named as honorary members. Toby Broadus, who serves as secretary of the Gilman chapter, thanked Head of Upper School Rob Heubeck for his support and leadership. 

A beautiful piece on the piano was collectively performed by Morgan Can Fanyo-Tabak ’23, Luca Theodore Pavlovich ’23, and music director Ariel F. Dechosa, followed by a benediction delivered by Upper School classics teacher and member of Cum Laude Sarah Miller. Head of Upper School Rob Heubeck gave closing remarks.

Just before the induction, the soon-to-be-inducted students and their parents were invited to a special luncheon reception in Centennial Hall. Smyth, along with Duncan and administrative assistant Kimberly Hammer, gave appreciation for Broadus, who has taught in the classics department at Gilman since 2000 and will retire at the end of the school year. Hammer presented Broadus with a special photo gift “connecting not only his family but his Gilman family as well.” Upon Broadus’ retirement, Upper School English teacher Patrick Hastings will take over as secretary of Gilman’s Cum Laude chapter.

Elected in the spring of 2023
  • Robert Cameron Amiot
  • Timothy Christopher Brooks
  • Morgan Can Fanyo-Tabak
  • Daniel Martin Gallagher, III
  • Jeffrey Coffield Howard
  • Arjun Narasimhan
  • Noah Vincent Parker
  • Cole Henry Randall
  • David Louis Rosenthal
  • Jack Shi
  • Riley John Walters
  • Lucas Frederick Woodworth
Elected in the fall of 2022
  • Anay Agarwal
  • Saraj Shawn Dhillon
  • Sanjay Mathew Koshy Geevarghese
  • Andrew Qiao Kang
  • Aaron Joseph Kantsevoy
  • James Peter Mackrell
  • Paul Dmitriy Makarevich
  • Haroon Saeed Malik
  • Finnegan James McClernan
  • Luca Theodore Pavlovich
  • Thomas Ross Soltanian
  • Jason Jintao Sutton

Watch the ceremony below.


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