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Reader of the Pack

Many students take advantage of downtime over the summer to catch up on books, but one rising first grader went above and beyond the task of assigned summer reading. Instead of just perusing the library shelves over summer break, Cole F. built a little library for his neighborhood! His mom reports that he has received thank you notes from neighbors, who are all grateful for his initiative. The proud Greyhound sent Lower School librarian Melissa Da the following letter to let her know.

Dear Mrs. Da,

Hi! How are you? We wanted to email you and share about my new library. This summer, I wanted to install a little free library in our neighborhood.

First, I wrote a letter to the Homeowners Association asking if I could build a library. I also asked them if they could cover the cost of the library. We waited for their approval and they wrote back saying “yes!”

Next we ordered a library kit and started building it. It was so fun! We painted it blue to match our house. Then we went to Home Depot to build a post. We had to use a huge saw to cut it down to size. After spray painting the post, we installed the library. I got to write my name inside the library!

We put signs around the neighborhood saying “come to our library and get some books!” Suddenly all of the people started coming by our library. I try to check the library every day in the morning to see if there are any new books. We check when we take one of our dogs on a morning walk. If there are any new good books, I pick them out and read them! We make sure that it doesn’t break, go empty, and always has a variety of books in it. Being a librarian is so much fun!

My library is the best library in the world!

See you this coming year!

-Cole F.

Well done, Cole! Keep reading!


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