Gilman Celebrates Lunar New Year

This year, each division hosted parent-, faculty- or student-led presentations to share the cultural significance of Lunar New Year, also referred to as the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival. 

  • In the Lower School, parents presented the history and legend of Chinese New Year. First-graders enjoyed lessons in writing calligraphy, using chopsticks, folding dumplings and creating banners. Students received a red envelope and yummy snacks from various Asian countries.  
  • In the Middle School, Lynn Nichols shared how her family celebrates Lunar New Year and discussed the importance of being an ally for friends who are celebrating the holiday. Students also received a red envelope with gold chocolate coins inside. 
  • In the Upper School assembly, the East Asian Awareness Club spoke to their peers about the cultural significance of the Spring Festival and how their families celebrate. 

Thank you to the parents, students, and faculty members who shared their culture with our community.