Gilman Science Teacher Speaks at American Association of Physics Teachers National Meeting

Upper School science teacher Chris DiMenna spoke at the American Association of Physics Teachers (virtual) National Meeting on Friday, January 7.

For several years, DiMenna has been a member of QuarkNet, a National Science Foundation-funded partnership between Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and University of Notre Dame. This nonprofit collaboration helps teachers gain experience in scientific research and bring it to their students. In the last year, she was asked to be part of its coding group.

“We work to create lessons and activities that teachers can use in their classrooms,” she said. “As a part of this initiative, we run summer workshops that teachers can attend to learn more about the activities and gain more confidence using coding in the classroom.”

DiMenna’s presentation, which she gave with a QuarkNet colleague from Hawaii, was about incorporating coding into high school physics and astronomy lessons. The process of preparing the presentation and learning the conference online platform involved many hours of Zoom meetings and planning sessions, but DiMenna said giving the talk brought her a sense of fulfillment and joy.

“I’ve had the privilege to be a part of many other wonderful opportunities while working with this grant; I am fortunate to be a member of the Quarknet group.”

Congratulations to Ms. DiMenna on this honor!