Lower School Best Practices for Pandemic Related Closure
Our aim is to provide as much continuity as possible, and also to give parents resources to use if we are not in school for an extended period.
Here is more information:
  • Students are not expected to do any work during spring break itself (3/13 - 3/23)
  • Teachers from each grade level will send home information about distance learning for extended break. This will include specific assignments, additional activities, resources, and information about pacing.
  • Learning will be asynchronous, meaning teachers and students will not be online at the same time. For grades 2-5, the expectation is that students will keep up with the daily assignments; however, we understand that each family will face its own circumstances.
  • Please communicate with your son’s teachers so we can plan for the transition back to regular school.
  • The library is a great resource for families. Here is a PDF with information about the many resources available. If you are looking for more books to read, feel free to look at last summer’s reading lists on the William Passano Library website.
  • Teachers will be checking email during regular school hours, and are available to answer questions about assigned work.


Lower School Counselor Laura Jordan will be available to you and your son by email, ljordan@gilman.edu, and voicemail 410-323-3800 x484. If you have any questions or concerns about your son’s emotional well-being, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Jordan.