Over 50 Gilman Students and Faculty Attend FOCUS Retreat

Over 50 Gilman students and faculty attended the FOCUS Retreat at Camp Wabanna for an "intensive" look at Bible scriptures, small group discussions, prayer, reflection, and fun. In its third year, this retreat has grown from about 18 to over 40 boys!

FOCUS is the Gilman Christian affinity group.  The group meets every Wednesday for fellowship, lunch, and Bible study.  FOCUS stands for "Fellowship Of Christians in Universities and Schools."  FOCUS is non-denominational and welcomes boys of all faiths who want to better understand the Bible, God's will for their life, and the Christian faith.  FOCUS meets ten times a week in B'more on different private school campuses like RPCS, BMS, Friends, St. Pauls, McDonogh, Calvert, etc.