Wooten's Company Vence Acquired by Merck Animal Health

Merck Animal Health has announced that it will acquire Vence, an innovator in virtual fencing for rotational grazing and livestock management, founded by Frank Wooten '99.

"The acquisition of Vence will broaden our portfolio with complementary products and technologies to advance animal health and well-being as well as outcomes for our customers," said Rick DeLuca, president of Merck Animal Health. "Vence is a natural fit with Merck Animal Health's growing portfolio of animal intelligence products that include identification, traceability, and monitoring products. This new technology will give cow-calf producers the ability to track their cattle and the ability to move them from pasture to pasture."

Vence provides enhanced technology for producers and ranchers to track, monitor, and manage the movement of cattle through a high-tech platform of virtual fencing solutions, thereby allowing more efficient cattle and grass inventory management while reducing costs of labor and fencing materials. Frank founded Vence in 2016 to improve the affordability and availability of sustainable animal protein.

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