Vaccine Expert Dr. Paul Offit '69 Informs and Entertains

Dr. Paul Offit returned to campus on January 14 for just the second time since his graduation in 1969.  The award-winning pediatrician, researcher, inventor, author, and speaker opened his assembly, naturally, by talking about the Salem witch trials.  To be fair, the trials were the topic of Offit's Senior Speech, which was the last time he had taken the lectern in Alumni Auditorium.  Offit, who is an internationally-acclaimed expert on vaccines, immunology, and virology, informed and entertained the crowd with stories about measles outbreaks, the anti-vaccination movement, peanut allergies, his experiences on The Colbert Report, and more.  After his talk, about 35 students and faculty members joined him for cookies and conversation in the Gilman Room.  To learn more about Paul and his work, visit