50th Reunion (Class of 1971)

Celebrating 50 Years

The Class of 1971 Remembers

In 1971, the voting age was lowered to 18 years old with passage of the 26th Amendment; the Walt Disney World theme park opened its magical doors in Orlando, FL; NASA launched Apollo 14, the third successful manned mission to the moon; the New York Times published the first of the Pentagon Papers; Intel introduced the first commercially available microprocessor, the Intel 4004; the first coin-operated video game, Galaxy Game, was released; the Baltimore Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys 16 - 13 to win Super Bowl V in Miami; and, outshining them all, the Gilman Class of 1971 graduated that spring. 


Looking Back

Enjoy the following publications from your days at Gilman.

1971 Cynosure

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2021 Class Notes

During these uncertain times, Gilman continues to strive to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit of its students...and of its alumni. Now more than ever, we are excited to celebrate what inspires and connects us. We hope that you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and, despite the pandemic-driven social distancing and travel restrictions, are still able to share with us a story of an encounter with a classmate. 

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Class of 1971 13-year men (last of its kind...for a while). Left to Right: Jeff Rice, Fred Nelson, Michael Hilliard (edge), Bill Gamper (edge), Alex Beehler, Lloyd Felton, Thom Brundige, Ty Campbell, Rick Fox. Missing: John Danzer, Ned Grassi, John Deford. David Jeffrey Rice on left side of table facing camera.

Joseph E. Sandler '71

1971 Founders Day. Thomas Lynn '71 with Owen Daly. II '43, President of Board

Physics Lab. Bill Scherlis '71

1970 J. V. Lacrosse. Scott Howe '71

Basketball, 1970-1971. William S. Brusilow '71

Hugh McCormick '71 and Bruce Abel '71

Edward A. Grassi '71, 1971 Varsity Lacrosse captain

Photograph by Robert de Gast, 1970. Left to Right: John Danzer '71. Richard Rowe Councill '71, Lester Schultheis '72

Class of 1971 as 4th formers in 1968

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