Grant Carey '20 is one of the 2020 McCormick Unsung Heroes

It's official! Varsity Golf player Grant Carey '20 is one of the grand prize winners of McCormick's Unsung Hero.

Carey has overcome a birth defect in his left hip that has left him disabled throughout his life. Despite numerous surgeries and a walking abnormality that causes him to fall frequently, he has persevered to become a top golfer in the MIAA, finishing in the top 10 in the league championships in 2019.

Carey grew up loving all sports and played a lot of basketball, volleyball and lacrosse in his middle school days. His physical limitations eventually forced him from team sports, but he refused to give up. He focused on golf because of its individuality and worked hard to make himself successful.

“Golf was different, as it gave me an opportunity to compete on an even playing field,” Carey wrote in his Unsung Hero essay submitted with his nomination. “In school, it was difficult to feel that others could relate to my situation, and even though people showed me tremendous kindness, throughout my high school career, there were times where it felt like there was a wall between me and my peers. However, on the golf course, that wall disappeared.

Varsity Golf Coach Mike Wallace talks about Grant and why he is the best candidate worth recognition.

Despite multiple surgeries for the opportunity to live with a walking abnormality, and against what must have felt like incredible odds for most, Grant has risen above his physical constraints to become a very skilled golfer at the MIAA A-Conference Varsity Golf level, and he's done so since his sophomore year. Grant earned a top 10 in last year's individual tournament (76-77) and will certainly be an important contributor to our team as we gear up for 2020 competition. I promise that each of you would be absolutely amazed by what he is capable of on the golf course. In short, Grant has quietly found his way into making an impact as a player, and as a friend and supporter to all of his teammates. He's thoroughly respected by his teammates, and for that matter all of the coaches in the entire league, too. I've even had multiple opposing coaches mention to me that Grant is perfect for this exact award. For those and several other reasons, I urge you to join me in recognizing that Grant Carey is close to or perhaps even a perfect candidate for this award.  


Previous winners of this prestigious award include:

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  • Football: Ward Coe, III '62
  • Football: D.C. W. Finney '42

Join us in congratulating Grant Carey for this accomplishment.