Updates on Gilman Upper School Athletics

With the 2020-2021 school year underway, here is an update on Gilman Upper School athletics:

  • We are hosting volunteer interscholastic practices until October.  
    • Monday and Friday: Winter season sports:  basketball, wrestling, indoor track, ice hockey, squash, swimming
    • Tuesday and Thursday: Fall season sports:  football, soccer, cross country, water polo, volleyball
    • Wednesday and Saturday: Spring season sports:  lacrosse, baseball, track, tennis, golf
    • We encourage all US boys to come out and try a new sport.  
    • Every week an email will go out to the US students for them to sign up for one, two or three activities.
    • Starting October 5, the US students will be required to sign up for at least one intramural activity or interscholastic activity.
  • The MIAA Board of Governors will meet in mid-October to determine when interscholastic athletics will begin again.


Update from the MIAA and its Member Schools

In response to the many inquiries that have been received by the MIAA from concerned parents and student-athletes regarding fall sports, we hear you.  We all share in the desire to return to the competitive arena as soon as it is safe to do so.   As an athletic organization, representing our twenty-nine member schools, the MIAA exists to serve at the direction and support of our athletic directors and school administrators. With our member schools each in various stages of the reopening process, the concept of trying to resume interscholastic sports at this time is not feasible.  The leadership of the MIAA (and the IAAM) determined in August that a reassessment of conditions and evaluation of member school operations at a date to be determined in early to mid-October would best permit for an honest and timely accounting of the potential for the prudent resumption of interscholastic sports.  While sports activities have resumed for other entities and in other states, the member institutions of the MIAA are not yet prepared to take that step.  We will continue to develop our plans for a practical and safe return to play for the student-athletes at our member schools when deemed appropriate.